Ada is a very expressive and robust language in which the default for every programing construct is inherently safe. It was designed to allow programs to be engineered rather than crafted and that is why Ada is chosen for applications where failure would result in catastrophic losses in terms of human life, economic damage, or a major breach of security. To explore the new features in the latest generation of the language visit the official Ada-2012 website.

Ada-Europe Conference: June 22-26, 2015, Madrid, Spain

The next International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies will take place in Madrid, Spain. Following its traditional style, the conference provides a week-long international forum including scientific, technical, and industrial presentations, an exibition, tutorials, workshops and social events. For details see Ada-Europe 2015.

Swiss-based Projects

Ada has a long and successful track record in Switzerland in the development of mission-, safety-, and security-critical applications. A sample of some Swiss-based projects that owe much of their success to Ada are illustrated in the following slideshow images.